About TriCity Directory

Under auspices of the highest and most extensive coverage, the proprietors have at length, the proud satisfaction of fearlessly submitting commercialdirectory.in to the public approbation. The proprietors are confirmed in the opinion that this search engine will prove a source of interesting utility to their numerous subscribers, the travellers and the public at large.

It is proper to remark, that a work original in its character and novel in its plan, comprising so extended and populous a city like Chandigarh along with Panchkula and Mohali, and employing so many objects of enquiry, and points of material information, must be chargeable with numerous defects, but no personal labour has been avoided, no expense been spared, to acquire every information which can give value to a work of this nature. Still if we have failed in any aspect of providing correct data in any category, we apologise.

Before closing this address, we M/s Unique Advertisers cannot forego the opportunity of most respectfully announcing the launch of our Tricity Commercial Directory which carries the similar data and information which our website has. We promise the timely and effective changes in our work as and when we feel for it.


We are Unique Advertisers, based at Sector 8-C, Chandigarh and are primarily into concept selling. We design the modes of advertisements keeping in view the needs of the advertiser and the targeted audience. We are a team of professionals working to establish our name in advertising industry.

Our Team
Puneet Bhatia project manager
Yunesh Taneja marketing head
shikha arora project co-ordinator
isha Bhatia operations & design head
ved parkash marketing manager
Commercial Directory launch